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About BCS

BCS was created in 2007, it was a product of a joint venture between Australian, Irish and Bahraini entities. BCS-Australia is one of the oldest and largest HOA management company in Australia. Recently BCS was acquired by Quaestus Consultancy and Mr. Malik Helweh.

BCS was the first Bahrain and Gulf company to venture into the newly created Strat or HOA management. BVCS coordinated with local Governmental and private entities as well as with regional and Australian companies to spearhead the need to create legislative mechanism to promote, establish and manages HOAs. These legislative dynamics are imperative to Safeguard Your Property.

Now, BCS is among the most active company in providing a complete suit for the property’s owners. It has unequaled skilled and extraordinary knowledge in offering you HOA Management, Facility and Property Management … all under one roof

We understand that investing in real estate is among the largest investment for many of us. BCS is ashamedly proud to state that its sole objective is to:

Safeguard Your Property

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